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Caio D. D. Monteiro, Christy Maria Mathew, Frank Shipman, Ricardo Gutierrez-Osuna

Detecting and Identifying Sign Languages through Visual Features (Inproceeding)

2016 IEEE International Symposium on Multimedia (ISM), 2016.

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A. Gupta, R. Gutierrez-Osuna, M. Christy, B. Capitanu, L. Auvil, L. Grumbach, R. Furuta, L. Mandell

Automatic assessment of OCR quality in historical documents (Inproceeding)

Proc. AAAI, 2015.

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F. Shipman, R. Gutierrez-Osuna, T. Shipman, C. Monteiro, V. Karappa

Towards a Distributed Digital Library for Sign Language Content (Inproceeding)

Proc. ACM/IEEE Joint Conference on Digital Libraries, 2015.

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Y. Yu, Y. Choe, R. Gutierrez-Osuna

Context-sensitive Intra-class Clustering (Article)

Pattern Recognition Letters, 37, Page(s): 85-93, 2014.

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A. Perera-Lluna, K. Manivannan, P. Xu, R. Gutierrez-Osuna, C. Benner, B. D. Russell

Automatic Capacitor Bank Identification in Power Distribution Systems (Article)

Electric Power Systems Research, in press, 2014.

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M. J. Christy, L. Auvil, R. Gutierrez-Osuna, B. Capitanu, A. Gupta, E. Grumbach

Diagnosing Page Image Problems with Post-OCR Triage for eMOP (Inproceeding)

Proc. Digital Humanities Conference, 2014.

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E. Koh, D. Caruso, A. Kerne, R. Gutierrez-Osuna

Elimination of junk document surrogate candidates through pattern recognition (Conference)

Proceedings of the 2007 ACM symposium on Document engineering, 2007.

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Y. Yu, R. Gutierrez-Osuna, Y. Choe

Preserving Class Discriminatory Information by Context-Sensitve Intra-Class Clustering Algorithm (Techreport)


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R. Bryll, R. Gutierrez-Osuna, F. Quek

Attribute bagging: improving accuracy of classifier ensembles by using random feature subsets (Article)

Pattern Recognition, 36, 6, Page(s): 1291–1302, 2003.

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D.E. Courte, M.M. Rizki, L.A. Tamburino, R. Gutierrez-Osuna

Evolutionary optimization of Gaussian windowing functions for data preprocessing (Article)

International Journal on Artificial Intelligence Tools, 12, 1, Page(s): 17–36, 2003.

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L. Florkey, R. Gutierrez-Osuna, J. D. Bullock

Computer-Aided Pattern Recognition in the Classification of Superficial Corneal Injuries (Conference)

Proceedings of the Annual Meeting of the American Academy of Optometry, 2003.

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M.J. Mousavi, K.L. Butler-Purry, R. Gutierrez-Osuna, M. Najafi

Classification of load change transients and incipient abnormalities in underground cable using pattern analysis techniques (Conference)

Proceedings of 2003 IEEE PES Transmission and Distribution Conference and Exposition, 2003.

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