Avinash Parnandi


PhD Student, Computer Engineering, TAMU
Member, PSI lab

Research Interests

Body sensor networks, Physiological sensing, Rehabilitation robotics, Control theory.

Research Projects

Biofeedback gaming project, Childhood apraxia of speech project, Pupil-Cardiac project


M.S., Electrical Engineering from University of Southern California, 2010
B Tech., Electronics and Communication Engineering, National Institute of Technology (India), 2008

Contact  Information

Email: parnandi@tamu.edu
Personal website: http://people.tamu.edu/~parnandi

Professional Affiliations

IEEE, Student member.


Google Scholar link 


E. Wade, A. Parnandi, R. Mead, M. J. Mataric

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In Journal of Behavioral Robotics, 2012, 2(4): 218-227

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Book Chapter

E. Wade, A. Parnandi

Assisted Ambient Living Applied to Remote Motor Rehabilitation (Book)

Invited chapter to Ambient Intelligence & Smart Environments, AALIANCE-Ambient Assisted Living Roadmap. IOS Press


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Test Method for Measuring Station-keeping with Unmanned Marine Vehicles Using Sonar or Optical Sensor (Workshop)

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(All authors contributed equally to this work.)

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Technical Report

A. Parnandi, Y. Son, M. Shahin, B. Ahmed, R. Gutierrez-Osuna

Architecture of an Automated Therapy Tool for Childhood Apraxia of Speech (Tech Report)

Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Texas A&M University, Aug 2012


A. Parnandi

A Framework for Automated Assessment of Post Stroke Administration Test (Thesis)

Master’s Thesis. Department of Electrical Engineering, University of Southern California, May 2010