• Historical document triaging Historical document triaging

    We build machine-learning tools to correct optical character recognition (OCR) errors and automatically tagg large collections of historical documents

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  • Lab video Lab video

    This short video describes the ongoing research work in the lab.

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  • Chemical sensing Chemical sensing

    We are developing  active sensing strategies for tunable chemical sensors, that is, sensors whose selectivity towards different chemical species can be fine-tuned programmatically; this includes metal-oxide chemical sensors under temperature modulation and Fabry-Perot infrared interferometers.

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  • Biofeedback games

    We combine biofeedback techniques with adaptive video games to develop stress self-regulation tools. These tools help users learn to manage their physiological responses while performing stress-inducing tasks.

  • Face recognition

    We study caricatures as a mechanism to help improve face recognition by humans. For this purpose, we create methods to generate 3D caricatures of individuals face from frontal images. We also conduct perceptual studies to determine whether exaggeration of distinctive facial features helps memorize and recognize faces.

  • Speech processing Speech processing

    We investigate techniques to alter foreign-accented utterances to sound more “native” while preserving the unique vocal properties of the speaker. This requires altering both prosodic and segmental characteristics of the speech signal, and perceptual evaluation with human listeners.

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We study how man-made and biological sensory systems interact with, learn from and adapt to their environments

Wearable sensors

We develop interface circuits, interfaces for mobile platforms, biosignal processing algorithms, pattern recognizers and biofeedback games. We integrate these systems and evaluate them through human studies.

Speech processing

We develop accent-conversion methods for non-native speech, speech therapy tools for children with motor disabilities, and techniques for animating 3D facial models from speech.

Chemical sensors

We integrate chemosensor systems, develop pattern recognition methods to extract information from sensor signals, and machine learning methods to optimize sensor tunings on-the-fly to adapt to the environment.


Funded by

  • Department of Homeland Security
  • Qatar National Research Fund
  • National Science Foundation